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3 Practical Jewellery Packaging Tips

Although there are many moving parts to running a jewellery business, one area not to neglect is the packaging of your pieces. Packaging is such an important consideration as it defines your brand - and can impact the success of your business. The right packaging not only attracts your ideal customers, but it keeps your jewellery in place.

At Lemuria Jewels, we know that nothing wows a buyer like a thoughtfully-wrapped package. Itís the first thing they see and can influence repeat business. If youíre new to the world of packaging, weíll be sharing four jewellery packaging tips to help you get started today.

1. Pick the right box

Thereís an abundance of box styles you can pick from when it comes to packaging. Before settling on a specific type, we recommend that you analyse your jewellery collection, taking into account the size, shape, and colour of the various pieces. This will help you determine how big of a box youíll need - and whether it can be used for multiple pieces.

Youíll also be able to pick the material of the box so that it complements your designs. Although velvet and satin were the industry standard for luxury packaging, other materials like silk and nappan have evolved to become widely acceptable. Cardboard is another option thatís affordable but can be transformed to look and feel lavish once customised.

Not only is the size and material important, but youíll also need to decide how you want your box to open and close. This will determine how secure your jewellery pieces will be inside the box. You can pick between boxes that slide in and out (also known as slide boxes), ones with a magnetic clasp - or something as simple as a box and lid with ribbons. These boxes can be filled with cotton, which is practical and budget friendly for necklaces and bracelets - or you can use velvet inserts for a more luxurious feel.

Note that there are many box styles, pouches, fillings, and inserts available, so explore your options and pick one that best represents your brand.

2. Consider the details of your packaging materials

Thereís so much joy that comes with opening a small gift, which is why itís crucial to consider all the details of your packaging as this will allow you to maximise your customerís unwrapping experience. You can do this by adding an extra layer of tissue paper or placing an elaborate box within a box. Everything from the colour of the box down to the colour of the ribbon can leave a lasting impression of your brand.

Some jewellers go as far as having various options for different purposes. Youíll often find variety between standard versus special packaging for gifting or bespoke upscale orders. Some jewellery brands even offer different themed boxes for special occasions, such as bridal gifts, Valentineís Day, Halloween, Mother's Day, and Christmas. While packaging can get expensive, it can be a great investment when it serves a purpose for your brand and elevates the customer experience.

3. Personalise it

Finally, donít forget to personalise your packaging so that it captures your buyersí attention and familiarises them with your brand. The possibilities of enhancing your packagingís visual impact are almost endless.

To make your packaging unique, think about the colours, the fonts, and other elements that can make your brand look considered and professional. Some jewellers rely solely on aesthetics such as typography and bold colour combinations to make their brand stand out while others prefer a personalised approach with thank you notes. A popular tactic in the industry is hot foil stamping to make oneís logo stand out and appear higher-end. Your packaging supplier will be able to educate you further on your options and the costs associated with them.

We highly recommend you find a reliable supplier that you can trust and build a strong working relationship with. Note that many of them will have a minimum order quantity that ranges anywhere between 10 to 1,000 pieces or possibly more. So before you place an order, make sure youíve chosen an optimal design package you can commit to.

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