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The Ultimate Motherís Day Gift Idea

Motherís Day is just days away now, and itís time to find a unique gift all mums will love. At Lemuria Jewels, we know that mums and daughters share an unbreakable bond thatís beyond special. The best way to celebrate that treasured love is with matching jewellery. Thatís exactly why we created a dedicated birthstone collection, offering the perfect jewellery set for any mother/daughter duo.

It can be hard narrowing down a gemstone to just one, which is why birthstones are an easy choice. Weíre fans of birthstones, whether you choose your mumís birth month, your own, or other children, because all choices have special significance. As birthstones are symbolic of a personís identity, that only enhances its meaning. Birthstone jewellery is a classic choice that instantly makes a jewellery piece unique to your mum. You can elevate that meaning further with a set that the two of you can wear together.

Whether youíre searching for Motherís Day gifts for your mum, grandma, or new mum friends, the pieces in our collection come from the heart. You can give and wear our pendant necklaces or bracelets as a testament of your infinite love and appreciation for one another. Not only is our collection ideal for a caring mum - or a loving daughter, but itís also a great gift idea for an expectant mothers waiting on their baby girls.

Donít forget to treat your mum to a little sparkle this Mother's Day by shopping our dedicated selection! For a truly personalised touch, our team of experts can help you design a one-of-a-kind bracelet or pendant necklace using any gemstone of your choice. Contact us for more information about our bespoke jewellery services.


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