Lemuria is our signature collection, inspired by the legend of the lost land. It explores the story of Lemuria and its timeless treasures.
It was our first collection that has been introduced to the public. The core to Lemuria Jewels aesthetic and philosophy is jewellery with a story – passed on through generations and remaining personal to the wearer. Lemuria was designed after finding inspiration from the mythology and legends of lost lands. Therefore, we used less commercial stones and unusual colour combinations to create an intriguing effect.

Elements is  a collection, inspired by four Elements: Air, Water, Earth and Fire, which reflects diverse types of woman’s individuality and representation.
Lemuria Jewels praises women and their individuality so this collection was created to celebrate that unique beauty of a woman in its own style and identity.
The pieces are quite a simple design with variety of colours, which can be mixed and matched to create your own unique look. Reinvention of the classics that can be worn together with other pieces or separate gives a freedom to find your own style.

Enigma Collection explores fascinating properties and unusual effects of rare gemstones. As a brand that specializes in coloured gemstones, we wanted to introduce our customers to the less known gemstones such as labradorite and moonstone. Tear drop gemstone shape symbolizes water, which is a powerful Element in most of the ancient and modern cultures. It can interpreted in different ways, from the symbol of the rain that nourishes the soil to tears of sadness or happiness.
At Lemuria Jewels, we love the symbolism and personalization of each piece but it’s up to the wearer what meaning will the piece carry. Some gemstones are particularly powerful and can bring a lot of benefit to their owner with the good intentions.

Birth is undoubtedly the most precious moment of a person’s life. Lemuria Jewels was trying to capture this special moment in Mother –Daughter collection that is dedicated to our little one.
The best gift is a meaningful one therefore, at Lemuria Jewels we pay a special attention to the detail. Our matching necklaces and bracelets with your child’s birthstone creates a special connection and brings a deep meaning to the jewellery.
The pieces are of simple and minimalistic design, not to distract from the beauty of the gemstone.

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