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Enigma Moonstone Ring

Enigma Moonstone Ring

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Product Description

Moonstone, 14ct gold

Story Behind This Piece

The Enigma Moonstone Ring, a mystical piece from our Enigma Collection, highlights the ethereal beauty of moonstone. Celebrated for its dreamlike quality, moonstone is revered as a gem of inner growth and strength. This ring features a carefully selected moonstone that radiates with a soft, pearly luminescence, akin to moonlight. The stone's natural adularescence brings to life an array of hues that shift and dance with every movement, symbolizing the fluidity and ever-changing nature of life.

The Enigma Moonstone Ring is not just a piece of jewellery; it's a talisman of serenity and intuition, perfect for those seeking to connect with the deeper, more mystical aspects of themselves.

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